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Our studio has been custom built by our founder Barnaby Hosking to shift between a fully equipped ceramics and art studio, and a relaxing space for yoga, meditation, meetings, presentations and private events: a combination that allows for an uninterrupted flow between mindfulness in meditation and yoga, engagement in the creative process and deep relaxation; without the need to travel between venues.  

Our schedule comprises of weekly ceramics, painting and drawing classes, workshops, events and retreats both in and outside of London; all focusing on discovering your innate capacity for creativity and wellbeing whilst connecting with others.   We do not offer a regular yoga and meditation schedule but rather include these elements during sessions to a greater or lesser degree where stated.  


Dalston Clay is a great place to meet new people, especially at our Clay social on Friday nights; a unique night out in London.  If you are visiting London on a city-break, our Clay Day and Day Retreats are a fun, engaging thing to do in London that will allow you to feel part of the cultural community.  


We are located above the famous Vortex Jazz club in Gillet square, just a stones throw from Dalston Kingsland station and a few minutes walk from Dalston Junction station.  We are surrounded by excellent bars, restaurants and gig venues to visit before or after your class. 


Barnaby Hosking

Founder. Ceramics, drawing and meditation teacher

After graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2003, Barnaby has continued his contemporary art practice; exhibiting in galleries and museums internationally. His mediums range widely from video installation to sculpture, painting and printing and my subjects revolve around the process of making art and our connections with nature.

With a keen interest in mindfulness, Barnaby is also trained as a teacher of mindfulness based cognitive therapy (MBCT). He lives and works between Dalston and his birthplace, North Norfolk, where he roams between barn, campervan and yurt. 

You can see Barnaby's work at

Georgie Mason

Painting and drawing teacher

Georgie is a long term Artist in Residence at Stepney City Farm, London. She describes her practise is an ‘archaeology of soul’; making work is a tool for her own inner world exploration. 

Knowing the benefits first hand, it is Georgie’s mission to help others reconnect to their own unique voice and confidence through creative expression. Over the past ten years, she has guided hundreds of individuals both from her studio, festivals such as Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place, and at corporate away-days. She has worked with smaller businesses such as Something & Nothing, and leading companies such as Zoopla and DeepMind, tapping into the importance of individuals and teams alike to discover the rewards of getting creative!  

You can see Georgie's work at

Giovanna Mabanta

Clay therapy practitioner

"I work as counsellor and I have always recognised the importance of therapeutic artistic activity - using our hands when words aren’t effective. In recent years, I attended further training in sculpture therapy in Dornach, Switzerland. This intensive training has allowed me to deepen my understanding of the therapeutic effects of clay modelling. There is much room for the therapeutic aspect of clay making which is process rather than product based. Apart from individual clay therapy, I have seen that clay work can facilitate groups/communities to expand their own work with themselves and each other.

Humanity has connected with clay since time immemorial. ​Clay can profoundly enlighten our inner life as we work and play with it more consciously. "Man only plays when he is in the fullest sense of the word a human being, and he is only fully a human being when he plays." (Friedrich von Schiller) As we transform clay, we transform ourselves; as we transform ourselves, we transform our beloved earth which is after all, clay…

Josh Dickson

Clinical Director. Founder of Resurface 

Josh is an accredited EMDR Consultant, an accredited drugs and alcohol counsellor and a licenced Heartmath coach. He is the clinical director of the Resurface programme. 

He has been working in private practice and as a consultant for Start2Stop since 2012 and has a special interest in treating trauma and promoting positive psychology.

Josh is an experienced group facilitator, lecturer and public speaker.  

Josh has recently finished training with The Flow Research Collective and continues to be active in research around flow states, trauma and recovery.

For more information please visit his LinkedIn Page


George Stuart

Clay + Play facilitator 

"I aim to provide a safe space for people within the artistic and underrepresented communities. Experiencing for myself the health benefits that my art practice has had on my mental health, I am an advocate for the healing properties of self expression and creativity. 

I believe the role of the artist is to create a space where anything is possible, where we can imagine new ways of being in the world. Art can be a powerful tool for creating a space where people can confront their fears and desires. Helping them to explore these in a safe and nurturing environment, then taking those learnings into the world outside the studio."

Evguenia Ignatenko

Studio Manager and Instructor

I've been working as a ceramics studio technician for several years and my heart ignites when I can facilitate others' healing and grounding through clay. I am working hard to make Dalston clay the best studio it can be!

As an artist, I am constantly amazed at the sheer fact that, in a world where I could have been born as anyone or anything, I have the honour and privilege of making pottery. What fortune! Through my work, I aim to express my gratitude and celebrate the forces of the universe that have afforded me this gift and continue to guide my practice by doing just that – practicing! I accumulate inspiration, learning, and skill, and witness their manifestation through my process into finished ceramic objects and images.

Find my work at

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