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So much more than pottery painting... 

Glaze is a slurry of glass forming chemicals that, when applied to bisqued (first fired) clay and fired a second time, produces a glassy, food safe surface; often with funky effects! Our glazing tutorial is a guided session that will introduce you to glazing options and techniques, after which you can settle in to paint your pieces with our extensive selection of glazes.  


Planning for and booking your glazing tutorial Timeline:

If you are planning to glaze a piece that you have made with us, your piece will have been bisque fired and be ready for you to glaze 3 weeks after your making session. Please note that we can only store work for 1 months after bisque firing. Work will be cleared from the shelves 2 months after the day it was made to make space. We thank you for your understanding. 


Included in your Glaze tutorial 


When you made your piece with us, you would have already paid for the firing and glazing costs for your pieces at the end of the session. This means there is nothing more to pay other than the cost of the tutorial (£29).


If you do not have anything to glaze and would like us to supply you with a bisque fired piece then we can give you something from our storage to experiment with free of charge.  


If you finish glazing your pieces before 9pm, you are welcome to join the making session free of charge (provided there is space). Making sessions start from 6.30pm; half an hour after the glazing session begins. 

Contacting us


We apologize that we cannot correspond regarding work being ready for glazing or collection on an individual basis:

If in doubt, check your diary and book your glazing tutorial to take place no less than three weeks after your making session to avoid dissappointment.   

Work storage


Please note that we can only store bisque fired work for 2 months after your making session, after which time we must clear away outdated work to make space for new: We thank you for your understanding. 


Painting at home


If you prefer, you can collect your bisque fired pieces three weeks after your making session and paint them at home using acrylic paint. Please note that bisqued work is not food safe or watertight  (decorative purposes only).


Benefits of glazing at Dalston Clay

  • Flexible sessions on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at 6pm

  • Wide range of high quality colour and effect glazes

  • Small group instruction

  • Session duration up to 3 hours

  • Central location just 1 min. walk from Dalston Kingsland overground station.

  • Finish early? Join in on the making session for free!

  • Beautiful studio, free tea, friendly vibes and great playlists! 


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