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  • I'm new to ceramics and don't know where to start. What do I do?
    We recommend that you book a Taster session, a five week ceramics course or a Clay Day, Clay morning or Clay Afternoon. You will be introduced to the basics of ceramics on all of these sessions in a way that is easy to understand and fun! In terms of what kind of work you might like to make, is helpful to reflect on whether you are more interested in sculptural clay work (handbuilding) or ceramics for utilitarian purposes such as mugs and plates etc. (wheel throwing). Of course, utility and art are not exclusive and you can make sculptural or utilitarian pieces with both techniques. You can have a go at both Hand building and Wheel throwing on all of our sessions and courses. Alternatively you can request private tuition with Barnaby or Evguenia between 2 - 6pm Tuesday to Friday. These sessions can involve either handbuilding or wheel throwing as you chose. Please contact us to discuss your needs.
  • Is your studio accessible?
    Dalston Clay aims to make clay as accessible as possible for all our participants. We will do our best to accommodate any mobility or sensory needs that may arise. You may leave a session at any time, provided that you clean up your area before departure. Please contact us before your session at to arrange accommodations. Physical accessibility: Dalston Clay is at the top of 5 flights of stairs, with a total of 50 steps. Alternatively, there is elevator access to the second floor, followed by 10 steps. To access the lift, at the 3 Bradbury st. entrance, ring unit 308 and we will buzz you in. Then take the lift to the second floor, walk to the end of the balcony and walk up the last set of stairs which leads directly to the studio door. Wheel classes are conducted sitting down, while handbuilding can be done standing or sitting. Sensory accessibility: Dalston clay is not a scent-free space -- We use incense sparingly during sessions. We keep lights low during sessions. There is some disruptive noise from the plaza outside -- you may wish to bring noise-canceling headphones. Visual/hearing impaired accessibility: We currently do not offer sessions for people with visual or hearing impairments. If you would like to organize a group or private session, please contact us directly. Partially yes. The studio is located on the third floor of the Bradbury works building and there are two entrances: One with a lift and one without. At the 10b Bradbury Street entrance ring the Buzzer and we will buzz you in, then walk up the stairs to the third floor.
  • How does my work get glazed and fired?
  • When can I collect my work?
  • Do you offer kiln hire?
    If you have a large body of work, you can hire our 90L nabertherm toploader kiln, depending on availability, for £60 per firing. Please note that our studio is up 50 steps (or one hallway and 20 steps if the lift is working- see "Is your studio accessible?"" for more info). If you are looking to have just a few pieces fired, we do our own earthenware firings once or twice a week. Bisque firing at 1140c and Glaze at 1020c (if you work in stoneware, his is also a suitable bisque temp). We can fire your pieces for our regular studio rates (£5-25 depending on size). Pieces will be ready in 3 weeks. If you wish to glaze your pieces at our studio please see our Glazing page for more info. We can also glaze your pieces for you. We will try our best to accommodate your needs, but as we are a communal studio with limited staff, we may not be able to do so. We strongly recommend using to find alternatives.
  • How do I cancel or change a class, booking or retreat?
    Please see our cancellation policy.
  • What do I need to bring to a class?
    All tools, materials and equipment are included along with free tea, coffee and hot chocolate. Please wear clothes on which you don't mind smearing with clay. Regulars attending the drop-in sessions are welcome to bring their own clay, tools and equipment providing that they are either taken away after the session or left in one of our eight lockers that are available for hire. If the session includes yoga or meditation, then loose comfortable clothing are essential. If in doubt feel free to contact us.
  • Will my work be food safe after is is fired?
    Providing your work has been glazed and fired then the answer is yes. Unglazed areas are porous and so can harbour bacteria, so if in doubt, ask one of our team.
  • Is there parking or bike storage available?
    There is paid parking on the neighbouring streets between 8.30-6.30pm Monday to Saturday and free parking outside these hours. We have use of the bike storage room in the Bradbury Works building, please arrive earlier to your class to pick up the key.
  • Can I store things in the studio?
    We can store your work for free for up to three weeks after firing, after which time it will either be given to Dalston Oxfam, or disposed of. If you wish to hire a locker please contact us: we have 8 lockers available at a cost of £10/month, please contact us for availability. Otherwise please take all belongings with you after each session.
  • Do you offer courses?
    Yes we do. These are aimed at beginner and intermediate level. You can find our current courses on offer here
  • Do you offer drop-in sessions?
    Yes we do. You can find out about Drop-In sessions here
  • Do you offer private tuition?
    Yes, we offer private tuition in handbuilding, wheel throwing and many other aspects of ceramics practice including glazing, electric kiln and Raku firing. One-to-one sessions taught by our founder Barnaby Hosking or our studio manager Evguenia and cost from £65/hr, including all materials. These sessions run between 1-6pm pm Tuesday - Friday. If you have any special requests in terms of tuition please contact us or you can go ahead and request to book a session
  • Do you offer memberships?
    Currently we do not offer memberships as we have found that, contrary to initial intentions, when customers purchase memberships they often fail to attend enough sessions to justify the cost. Instead we have chosen to offer Drop-In sessions which can be booked singularly or as a bundle of 5 or 10
  • Do you offer discounts for block booking of classes?
    We off discounts for Drop-In sessions when booked in bundles of 5 (for the price of 4) or 10 (for the price of 8) sessions. You can find out more about Drop-In sessions here
  • How can I request a discount due to low or no-income or other financial difficulties?
    If you feel that you qualify for a discount then please feel free to email us. Based on your circumstances we will either offer a reduced fee or free place on the specified session, course or retreat.
  • Do you offer student discounts?
    If you are a student and require a discount, please contact us with proof of enrolment and we will sort out a discount for you.
  • Can I book Dalston Clay for a private event?
    Yes you can. The entirety of the studio is available for hire all day Sundays and Mondays. Please see our Private Group Sessions page or contact us directly with details of your proposed event. We do not offer catering, but you are welcome to bring your own food and drink.
  • Do you sell gift vouchers?
    Yes we do here
  • Can I bring my kids to a class and do you do kids classes?
    Currently we can only offer kids classes when we receive sufficient funding to do so. If we are successful in our applications, you will find our summer holiday kids classes on our special events page
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