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Pottery Classes, Meditation, Yoga and More! All in the heart of East London

All About Dalston Clay

Our studio has been custom built by our founder Barnaby Hosking to shift between a fully equipped ceramics and art studio, and a relaxing space for yoga, meditation, meetings, presentations and private events: a combination that allows for an uninterrupted flow between mindfulness in meditation and yoga, engagement in the creative process and deep relaxation; without the need to travel between venues.  

Our pottery studio is completely modular to suit our diverse schedule - The tables and wheels move out of the way to create a serene yoga space right in the centre of Hackney.

Activities at Dalston Clay

Our schedule comprises of weekly ceramics, painting and drawing classes, workshops, events and retreats both in and outside of London; all focusing on discovering your innate capacity for creativity and wellbeing whilst connecting with others.   We do not offer a regular yoga and meditation schedule but rather include these elements during sessions to a greater or lesser degree where stated.  

Dalston Clay is a great place to meet new people, especially at our Clay social on Friday nights; a unique night out in London.  If you are visiting London on a city-break, our Clay Day and Day Retreats are a fun, engaging thing to do in London that will allow you to feel part of the cultural community.  

After Your Session...

We are located above the famous Vortex Jazz club in Gillet square, just a stones throw from Dalston Kingsland station and a few minutes walk from Dalston Junction station.  We are surrounded by excellent bars, restaurants and gig venues to visit before or after your class. 

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