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Discover the Art of Tea Ceremony Pottery: Find Your Creative Zen with Tea-Bowl Making

Unlock the secrets of Japanese tea culture and discover your inner artist with our exclusive Matcha Clay Day workshop! Delve into the therapeutic world of clay crafting while experiencing the art of matcha tea ceremony, in the heart of East London at our serene hidden gem studio: Dalston Clay.

Experience the Tranquility of Tea Ceremony Begin your journey with a grounding meditation session, centering your mind and body for the creative exploration ahead. Led by our skilled instructor, Evguenia, immerse yourself in the mindful rituals of matcha tea ceremony, where each sip becomes a moment of profound contemplation.

Craft Your Own Teabowl Masterpiece Under Evguenia's expert guidance, learn the ancient techniques of hand-building as you shape and mold your very own matcha teabowl. Explore the tactile wonders of clay through pinching and carving, infusing your creation with personal flair and artistic expression. With slip, add vibrant color and intricate designs to your bowl, transforming it into a cherished masterpiece.

Transform Your Creations into Functional Art Once your matcha bowls are sculpted to perfection, entrust them to our skilled hands for glazing and firing. In just a short time, your creations will emerge from the kiln, transformed into durable, dishwasher-safe vessels ready to enrich your daily rituals. From sipping tea to serving rice, your matcha bowls will become versatile treasures for years to come.

All-Inclusive Experience Rest assured, all materials, equipment, and firings are included in the workshop fee. Simply bring your enthusiasm and curiosity – we'll handle the rest! Feel free to pack a lunch or take breaks as needed throughout the session.

Join Us for Matcha Clay Day Don't miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the ancient traditions of tea and clay, all while nurturing your creativity and inner calm. Book your spot now for a transformative experience that blends artistry, mindfulness, and the soothing embrace of matcha tea. Discover the joy of crafting your own teabowl masterpiece – reserve your place today!

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