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Discover Creative Wellbeing Through Yoga, Meditation, and Pottery.

What sets Dalston Clay apart from other pottery and ceramics studios is our magical space transformation! Our fully modular workbenches allow us to switch between a serene ceramic studio and an open, tranquil environment ideal for yoga, meditation, and deep relaxation - in only a few minutes. Our studio is fully equipped with yoga mats, bolsters, and blankets and our network of expert yoga and meditation instructors ensure that every moment is mindful and memorable. Experience the versatility of our space by taking a 5-Week Course.  Our Saturday Clay Day follows the Flow Cycle and beautifully expresses our philosophy


Led by trained instructors from Yogahome in Hackney, or yoga sessions are suited for beginners and intermediate practitioners alike. We aim to stretch the body and bring participants into a grounded state in order to encourage Flow.


A guided meditation helps relax the body and mind further, opening us up to creative ideas. Completely suitable for beginners, including those that have never tried meditating before, we encourage everyone to give it a try.

Yoga Nidra (Non-Sleep Deep Rest Meditation)

We guide participants into a Non-Sleep Deep Rest (NSDR) state. It is a type of restorative rest that allows the body to recuperate and rejuvenate without necessarily entering the sleep state. As we use up a lot of energy in the creative process, NSDR beautifully completes the Flow Cycle 

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