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A Valentine's Pottery Class for Two (or Just for You!)

Updated: Feb 8

Get ready for a memorable and clayful experience this February 14th at Dalston Clay! Whether you're looking for the perfect date night or a solo adventure in the world of pottery, our Clay Date event promises an evening of artistic fun, laughter, and, of course, a touch of romance. 🎨💑

If you're looking to try out wheel-throwing, we offer taster sessions too! Book your valentine's taster session on Thursday Feb. 15th.

🖌️ What to Expect: An Artistic Adventure Awaits! Indulge your artistic whims and discover the joy of molding, shaping, and sculpting a portrait of your favourite person. You can make a decorative sculpture, or a functional plant pot/bowl . Whether you're capturing the essence of your partner, a friend, or yourself, the possibilities are as endless as your love! From funny facial expressions to charming poses, let your creativity run wild. 🥰✨

🎨 The Playful Twist: Add a Personal Touch! Turn up the heat by infusing your sculpted masterpiece with a playful twist! Feeling cheeky? Add quirky accessories, create a mini version of their favorite hobby – the more playful, the better! It's your chance to make the experience uniquely yours. 🎩🤪

🥂 Bring Your Own Beverage (BYOB): Pour a glass of your favorite drink and let those creative juices flow! Whether it's a smooth red, a fizzy bubbly, or a mocktail with a twist, BYOB to make this night as intoxicating as your love. Cheers to a night of artistic exploration! 🍹🍾

🌈 Why Attend?

  1. Craft and Laugh Together: Immerse yourself in a lively and relaxed atmosphere, perfect for creating cherished memories.

  2. Create a Unique Keepsake: Sculpt a piece that reflects your unique connection, a tangible symbol of your shared experience that will last as long as your love.

  3. Enjoy a Delightful Evening: Connect with like-minded individuals in a fun, flirty, and artistic setting.

🎟️ Ticket Information: Materials and expert instruction are provided, ensuring a seamless creative process. Each ticket includes one fired and glazed piece per person, a lasting memento of your artistic adventure.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to infuse creativity, laughter, and love into your Valentine's celebration. Whether you come with a partner or embark on a solo journey, Dalston Clay's Clay Date Night promises to be an unforgettable experience. Reserve your spot now and get ready to sculpt, laugh, and create everlasting memories! 🌟✨

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