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Discover the use of paper clay as an exciting sculptural ceramic medium 


2.5hr. £69

This session is guided by contemporary artist and founder of Dalston Clay Barnaby Hosking whose primary medium is paper clay; a relatively recent ceramic medium that opens up a whole new world of possibilities in clay construction and form far beyond the limitations of regular clay:  Force dry, add wet to dry, break apart, rebuild, carve and sand, build higher, thicker, stronger and lighter! 

Price includes firing and glazing of one piece. 

You will learn...


  • How to make and use paperclay 

  • Its many advantages for sculptural work

  • Its use for figurative and abstract work 

  • How to realise your project: Bring your own ideas or gain inspiration from the studio

  • Surface treatment: Introductions to Terra Sigillata, Raku firing and Glaze. 


Price includes firing and glazing of one piece.  We can glaze for you in satin white or clear (if you have pre-coated with slip or underglaze), or you can return to glaze at a Glazing Tutorial.

What's included... 


  • Instruction for all skill levels 

  • Paper clay 

  • One fired and glazed piece to collect after one month. (additional pieces can be fired for £5-£20 size dependant)

  • Tea and coffee, good music, friendly community vibes.



Tuesday, May 9

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As a CIC and Social Enterprise, it is our intention is to make Dalston Clay a studio that is available to everyone, regardless of financial circumstance. While we need to function as a business, we never want money to be the reason why someone can't benefit from what we've built. If you truly can't afford the full cost of our offerings, we invite you to contact us to discuss your situation and we will endeavour to sort something out.

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