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Ceramic Mugs

 Discover the Joy of Ceramics with Dalston Clay!

Unleash your inner artist and experience Dalston Clay's Ceramics Classes in East London!

 Why Choose Dalston Clay?

Ceramic art can seem intimidating, but at Dalston Clay, we believe it should be a natural and joyful part of your life, just like exercise or relaxation. Our founder, Barnaby Hosking, is a renowned ceramic artist who has designed this course to simplify the ceramics process and make it accessible to everyone.

What Will You Learn?

We offer a comprehensive general ceramics course that covers the basics of hand-building and wheel throwing. However, if you want to specialise from the start, that's entirely up to you. Instead of overwhelming you with technical details, we believe in learning through hands-on experience. You'll dive right into clay during the first session!

Who Can Join Our Ceramics Classes in East London?

Our ceramics course is perfect for beginners, but it's also ideal for those looking to refresh their skills or take their pottery journey to the next level. Whether you've never touched clay before or have some prior experience, our course caters to you.

Mindful Ceramics Experience

At Dalston Clay, we value mindfulness and relaxation. Arrive a little before 6:30 p.m. to settle in with a soothing mindfulness meditation session led by Barnaby or a fellow group member. This non-religious meditation lasts for approximately twenty minutes and concludes with a beautiful poem. If meditation isn't your thing, no worries—join us at 7 p.m. for the clay adventure!

What's Included?

Your course fee covers it all! We provide the clay, tools, and aprons you need, and you'll have the opportunity to glaze and fire up to five of your unique pieces. Create more, and we'll glaze and fire them for a nominal fee (ranging from £5 to £15, depending on size). We want you to focus on your creativity while we take care of the technicalities!

Visit Dalston Clay Today! 

Join Dalston Clay's Ceramics Classes and be part of a vibrant community of pottery enthusiasts in East London. Whether you're looking to express your artistic side, relax, or simply have fun, we've got you covered.


Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to embark on a ceramics journey that will awaken your creativity and bring joy to your daily life!


Location: 10B Bradbury Street, London N16 8JN


Course Dates: Check our website for upcoming sessions


Ready to get your hands in the clay? Reserve your spot today!

Experience the magic of ceramics with Dalston Clay—where art meets 

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