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For an extra special gift for a friend or loved one we are offering our Dalston Clay Bars: A Delicious silky smooth chocolate bar, the recipient of which is guaranteed to become the lucky winner of a golden ticket; admitting either one or two people to a Clay Day on a Saturday of your choice.

Clay Day has been designed by Dalston Clay founder and artist, Barnaby Hosking to give you a whole day of creativity, relaxation and connection. With Yoga, meditation, ceramics, lunch, more ceramics and closing with NSDR (Non-Sleep deep rest), you will leave feelingrefreshed and inspired in body and mind. 

Click here for the Clay Day schedule


Dalston Clay Bar
Admits one to a Clay Day of your choosing 


Dalston Clay Bar
Admits two to a Clay Day of your choosing




After purchasing, you can either collect your Dalston Clay Bar from us or if you would like us to gift wrap and send it to you or your chosen recipient, then make sure to leave an address in the comments section at checkout and any note you would like to give. 

On each Golden Ticket you will find a QR code which will take you to the Clay Day landing page and a unique coupon code which you can use at checkout. If you are booking for two, simply add two
Clay Days for the same day to your cart, type in the promo code and you will receive 100% discount. Please note that the promo code will not work for Clay Morning or Clay Afternoon.

We look forward to welcoming you at Dalston Clay
for the ultimate Creative Wellbeing experience

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