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Learn the basics to kickstart your ceramics practice

  • Starts 3 Sept
  • 239 British pounds


About this course Given its reliance on specialist knowledge and equipment, ceramic practice can feel daunting. Ceramic artist and founder of Dalston Clay, Barnaby Hosking has formulated this course to simplify ceramics process and make it feel natural and joyful: a regular part of your daily life much like exercise or relaxation. This course is most suitable for beginners but can also be used as a refresher or for further learning after previous beginners courses or prior experience with ceramics. This is a general ceramics course, so you will learn the basics of hand building and wheel throwing. However if you wish to focus on one or the other from the beginning, you are free to do so. Rather than bombard you with technical details, you will get your hands into some clay at the beginning of the first session, so that priority is given to learning through direct experience. We encourage you to come a little before 6.30pm to allow time to settle down for meditation. The meditation will be a mindfulness meditation which is non-religious, last for approximately twenty mins and include a poem towards the end read by either Barnaby or a member of the group. If you wish to miss the meditation please arrive at 7pm. Included in the price of this course is the glazing and firing of up to five pieces. You are welcome to make more but any further pieces will cost between £5 to £15 depending on size for us to glaze and fire. All clay, tools, and aprons are provided. Session one - 6.30pm meditation - Studio introduction inc. health and safety - Types of clay and their uses - Tools and equipment overview - Clay Wedging (removing air pockets prior to use) - Handbuilding techniques; pinch, coil, slab - Making a simple Japanese tea bowl or similar vessel using slab building techniques. Session two - 6.30pm meditation - Continuation of hand building from session one or - Introduction to wheel throwing for those wishing to go down this route. Session three 6.30pm meditation Continuation of hand building and/or wheel throwing Loading the kiln for bisque firing Session four - 6.30pm meditation - Continuation of hand building and or wheel throwing Intro to glaze and glazing work Loading kiln for Glaze firing Session five - 6.30pm meditation - Appreciation and learning from glazed work Continuation of hand building and/or wheel throwing 07403 552625


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